Phileascogg Inspired Steampunk Handmade Jewellery

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Phileascogg steam punk inspired jewellery is a collection of handmade rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets and more set with wire, cogs, Swarovski crystals, watch parts, modeling copper pipe, plumbing items, nuts, bolts, fuses, circuit board components and anything else Phileas can use to create unique steampunk themed jewellery.

Phileas takes something from everyday use and strips it down to its bare components and then tries to see beyond the original use and extend upon and create a piece of jewellery by changing the use of the original artifact !

...follow the white rabbit with 'Alice in Wonderland' ideas that embrace the peculiar 'Curious' - The 'Mad Hatter'...a fantasy world in pieces that are...well...just simple beautiful jewellery - earrings, buttons, rings, bracelets. Findings and pieces in antique bronze copper and silver colour all from a not too long ago place that in itself is here with us today.

He does some fun stuff too! Emergent and evolving items are created. A ring with an bring it to life...not too much but give it an extension that reaches out to say "I am more than just a ring".

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